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St. Bernard facts

Despite their size, the Saint Bernard is a quiet indoor dog that makes a wonderful family companion. Even though he was quiet in the room, it would be nice if he had easy access to the courtyard where he could have a little space to spread out. He could stay in a small place, however, as long as he could walk properly every day. More important than the size of your home is your tolerance for clutter. Saints are not the best choice for fussy housekeepers. They drool and shed, and they tracked in the mud and dirt. With this breed, chastity is not necessarily next to cleanliness.

St. Bernard puppy

St. Bernard is a very favored breed today. He is versatile, kind, and a great choice for people or families who want a large yet gentle dog with moderate exercise needs.

The Saint Bernard is a breed of dog usually associated with saving people in the Alps with a barrel of brandy around their neck as this is how they are portrayed in the media. This dog is also considered a fun and peaceful breed, despite its large size. Although this is a well-known dog breed, there are many things that people don't know about Saint Bernards. Here are 20 cool facts about Saint Bernards that you may not have known.

Originally the Saint Bernard dog breed guarded the grounds of the Hospice Saint Bernard in Switzerland and helped find and rescue stray and injured travelers.

Today Saint Bernards enjoy the comforts of family life in many homes around the world. They are affectionate with almost everyone they meet, and people who don't mind a little drooling will think of them as loving friends. They are also versatile and excel in the show ring and in obedience testing, drawing (pulling carts or wagons), and weight pulling competitions.

Unlike many of the dog breeds currently recognized by The Kennel Club which are actually quite new, the Saint Bernard is a breed with a long and interesting history. They share a history with the Sennenhunds and were originally farmer farm dogs living in the French Alps. The first written record of this kind dates back to 1707 when monks from the nursing home on Great St. Bernard Pass wrote about these dogs and painted them. The monks were given their Saint Bernards by farmers who lived in the area. These dogs were smaller than the Saint Bernard we know today. Many Saint Bernards dogs perished in the avalanche. However, the monks tried to improve and preserve the breed by breeding them with Newfoundlands they encountered after the breed was brought to the area.

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Saint Bernard Is The First Registered Breed of Swiss Stud Club

The Saint Bernard has achieved many firsts throughout its history and one of them is that this dog was the first dog breed to be registered by the Swiss Stud Club. In 1884, the Swiss St. Bernard Club was founded in Basel and in the same year, St. Bernard was the first registered breed to enter the Swiss Stud Club. However, the Saint Bernard was not considered the official standard breed until 1888. Since then, the Saint Bernard has been considered the national dog of Switzerland, despite its origins in France. The purpose of the stud book is to enable breeders to correct any faults they find in working dogs. By breeding them with other working dog breeds, they can eliminate this error and improve the breed.

There Are Many Related Breeds

Saint Bernard has many strong and desirable characteristics. It is strong, big, loving, loyal, intelligent, and makes great friends. For this reason, it has been used in various breeding processes to create new breeds of dogs that will take on some of the good characteristics of the Saint Bernard. It also shares a common ancestor with many descendants, so there are striking similarities. The Alpine Mastiff is the ancestor of the English Mastiff and Saint Bernard, therefore there are many similarities between these breeds. Other dogs that the Saint Bernard have in common are the four Sennenhund breeds; Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Appenzeller and Entlebucher Mountain Dog. They are similar in appearance and come from the same region of the world. However, while the Saint Bernard dog is red and white, these four breeds have three colors.

Saint Bernards Once Used as Mountain Rescue Dogs

The main use of Saint Bernards was originally as mountain rescue dogs. Even though they came from farm dogs, the monks who kept them realized that they had a good sense of smell and they would be ideal to support search and rescue missions. Surprisingly, the monks never trained them how to do this. The younger dogs only learn roles from the older dogs. Saint Bernards no longer play a role in mountain rescue missions and they last served on mountain search and rescue missions in 1955, although hospice remained until 2004. In most cases, Saint Bernards are now only kept as loving family pets. However, several dogs were part of the show team that showcased this breed's skills.

Saint Bernards Popular with Celebrities

There are many celebrities who are huge fans of Saint Bernards and have them as pets. British comedian Bernie Winters has a pet Saint Bernard named Schnorbitz. The dog worked with Winters as his stage partner during the final years of his career. Indian film actor Salman Khan is a big dog lover and has a Saint Bernard named Saint. He also had a Retriever named Mowgli and a Napoleon Mastiff named Mylove. He also owns three French Mastiffs called Myson, Myjaan, and Veer. Another Saint Bernards fan is actress Anna Kendrick and she has posted photos of herself with her dog on social media.